Seedrs, UK equity platform, launches first ‘passive’ fund

Jan 17, 2019

Seedrs is globally one of the largest equity crowdfunding platforms. It has completed 732 deals, putting £503m of cash into start-ups since it was launched in 2012. £195 million was raised in 2018, a growth of 60% from 2017, including 28 deals that raised over £1 million.

Latest development on the platform brings exciting news:  Seedrs will set up a fund (EIS100) containing 100 start-ups from their platform chosen by an algorithm for investors. This way the investment of the investors will automatically be diversified, fixing one of the big problem for small investors who like to invest in equity of small companies. This fund allows investors to build a portfolio of young firms over a 12-month period requiring a minimum investment of £1,000.

Over £1 billion raised by 2 largest UK platforms

Seedrs biggest competitor - the other large UK equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube also announced record-breaking growth. With 198 projects they raised £224 million last year(+72%). They now have raised £625m in equity funding.

These two platforms alone raised over £1 billion in funding already, with more than £400 million in 2018. The new passive fund of Seedrs will boost the number also in 2019.

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